Don't Sell it, Rent it. Don't Buy it, Rent it.

BorroUp is a peer-to-peer mobile outdoor activity rental platform that is designed to take sport/outdoor items people are not utilizing or don't want to sell and creates a sustainable income opportunity. At the same time, we provide a way for people to save money by renting instead of buying items that are needed temporarily.

How BorroUp works

List your items for free

Share your jetski, sports boat, or anything in between. Listing takes about 3 minutes and is free — no sign-up charges, no monthly fees.

Set your price & rules

Lay your own ground rules and customize when your items are available. Set your own daily price.

Sit back & earn

Get paid via direct deposit within one to three days after each reservation. You’ll earn 90% of the reservation price.

Find the perfect item

Enter a location and date and browse thousands of items shared by local listers.

Reserve your item

Book on the BorroUp app, and say hi to your lister! Cancel for free up to 72 hours before your reservation.

Hit the road

Have the item delivered or pick it up from your lister. Check in with the app, grab the item, and hit the road.

Earn Cash

Share your outdoor activity items, earn extra cash

More than 142 million Americans, or 48.4 percent of the US population, participated in an outdoor activity at least once in 2019. These outdoor participants went on a total of 12.7 billion outdoor outings. LET YOUR ITEMS Work for you. Listing your items is simple and take few minutes.

Awesome Features


BorroUp screens all borrowers before allowing them to book, so you can rest easy knowing your items is in good hands.


Both listers and borrowers review each other after every reservation, so you can see your borrower reviews before accepting the reservation.


Rest easy knowing that everyone in the BorroUp community is screened, and 24/7 customer support.


BorroUp uses more than one method of verifying your information and preventing unauthorized access to your account.


BorroUp uses the safest, most powerful software trained to scan and extract data from IDs, built on our very own machine learning system.


Straightforward, providing quick access to common features or commands. Clean. A good user interface is well-organized, making it easy to locate different options.

Attract more customers, boost your earnings

Become a Business Lister

BorroUp, the world’s leading outdoor activity sharing marketplace, empowers independent rental companies and entrepreneurs around the world to tap into our global network of millions of prescreened guests.

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